Current USA High School Girls Track and Field Records Through July 2009 – Part 2 |

Here are the accepted USA Top Academy Girls Clue and Acreage Records through July 2009. This account gives every top academy runner, jumper and thrower an abstraction of what it takes to become a world-class amateur at the basic level.Some of these record-holders accept just completed their chief division and are acceptable headed for academy antagonism somewhere. They cover average ambit agent Jordan Hasay, steeplechaser Shelby Greany, top jumper Toni Young, and discus thrower Anna Jelmini.The account of names from the accomplished and their performances is amazing, and they accept become domiciliary names in the clue and acreage association worldwide. They cover Allyson Felix, Sanya Richards, Kim Gallagher, Polly Plumer, and added afresh Christine Babcock.USA Top Academy Girls Clue & Acreage Records100 – 11.11 in 1998 by Angela Williams of Chino (CA) Top School.200 – 22.51 in 2003 by Allyson Felix of Los Angeles Baptist HS in North Hills (CA). Felix aswell had a 22.11 at distance in Mexico City, Mexico.400 – 50.69 in 2002 by Sanya Richards of St. Aquinas HS in Ft. Lauderdale (FL).

800 – 2:00.07 in 1982 by Kim Gallagher of Upper Dublin HS in Ft. Washington (PA).1,500 – 4:14.50 in 2008 by Jordan Hasay of Mission HS in San Luis Obispo (CA).Mile – 4:35.24 in 1982 by Polly Plumer of University HS in Irvine (CA).3,000 Steeplechase – 10:15.26 in 2006 by Mel Lawrence of Reno (NV) HS.3,000 – 9:08.60 in 1975 by Lynn Bjorklund of Los Alamos (NM) HS.2 Miles – 10:01.08 in 2002 by Molly Huddle of Norte Dame HS in Elmira (NY).5,000 – 15:52.88 in 2004 by Caitlin Chock of Granite Bay (CA) HS.10,000 – 32:52.5 in 1979 by Mary Shea of Cardinal Gibbons HS in Raleigh (NC).100 Hurdles – 12.95 in 1979 by Candy Young of Beaver Falls (PA) HS.300 Hurdles – 39.98 in 2001 by Lashinda Demus of Wilson HS in Long Beach (CA).400 Hurdles – 55.20 in 1984 by Leslie Maxie of Mills HS in Millbrae (CA).4×100 Relay – 44.50 in 2004 by Shana Solomon, Jasmine Lee, Chanda Picott and Shalonda Solomon of Poly HS in Long Beach (CA).4×200 Relay – 1:33.87 in 2004 by Shana Solomon 24.2, Jasmine Lee 23.3, Shana Woods 23.4 and Shalonda Solomon 23.0 of Poly HS in Long Beach (CA).4×400 Relay – 3:35.49 in 2004 by Shana Woods 55.7, DeShanta Harris 55.6, Jasmine Lee 52.6 and Shalonda Solomon 51.6 of Poly HS in Long Beach (CA).4×800 Relay – 8:43.12 in 2008 by Dominique Lockhart 2:13.0, Amirah Johnson 2:08.6, Brittany Ogunomokun 2:11.9 and Tasha Stanley 2:09.6 of Roosevelt HS in Greenbelt (MD).4×1,500 Relay – 18:52.5 in 1982 by Laura Sauerwein 4:48.7, Polly Plumer 4:28.1, Judy McLaughlin 4:55.7 and Terea Barrios 4:40.5 of University HS in Irvine (CA).4xMile Relay – 19:56.75 in 2006 by Christy Goldman 5:08.7, Shelby Greany 5:01.8, Caroline Heidt 4:52.3 and Kara McKenna 4:53.9 of Suffern (NY) HS.800 Medley – 1:38.73 in 2003 by Shana Solomon, Dominique Dorsey, Jasmine Lee and Shalonda Solomon 51.4 of Poly HS in Long Beach (CA).Sprint Medley – 3:51.90 in 2007 by Afia Charles, Doris Anyanwu, Takecia Jameson and Marika Walker 2:06.7 of Roosevelt HS in Greenbelt (MD).Distance Medley – 11:31.81 in 2008 by Tori Pennings 3:33.2, Kristen Jados 57.3, Claire Pettit 2:11.3 and Lillian Greibesland 4:50.0 of Warwick Valley HS in Warwick (NY).

4×100 Hurdles – 57.49 in 2003 by Gayle Hunter, Dominique Manning, Lili Calhoun and Ashlee Brown of North HS in Riverside (CA).High Jump – 6-04 in 2009 by Tori Young of Del City (OK) HS, and in 1993 by Amy Acuff of Calallen HS in Corpus Christi (TX).Pole Basement – 14-01.25 in 2007 by Tori Anthony of Castilleja HS in Palo Alto (CA). Anthony aswell had an calm basement of 14-02.50 in 2007.Long Jump – 22-03 in 1976 by Kathy McMillan of Hoke County HS in Raeford (NC).Triple Jump – 44-11.75 in 2004 by Brittany Daniels of West HS in Tracy (CA).Shot Put – 54-10.75 in 2003 by Michelle Carter of Red Oak (TX) HS.Discus – 190-03 in 2009 by Anna Jelmini of Shafter (CA) HS.Hammer – 201-07 in 1998 by Maureen Griffin of Pocatello (ID) HS.Javelin – 176-05 in 2005 by Rachel Yurkovich of Newberg (OR) HS.Heptathlon – 5,533 in 2006 by Shana Woods of Poly HS in Long Beach (CA).Marathon – 2:34.24 in 1984 by Cathy Schiro of Dover (NH) HS.(Editor’s Note: This is Part 2 of a 2-Part Series.)Copyright © 2009 Ed Bagley

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The IT Dilemma for Smaller Businesses |

Occasionally, all businesses crave abetment in some breadth of Information Technology (IT). For action akin businesses, their sources of abetment are to accompany in added full-time advisers with the adeptness they charge or to arrangement with an IT consulting accumulation to get admission to the akin of knowledge, acquaintance and compassionate of the business that is needed.However, baby and abate mid-size businesses may generally not accept the account or akin of charge to absolve abacus full-time assets or accept abundant of a charge to absorption a lot of ample consulting companies.The basal band is that Baby to baby Mid-Size businesses generally are larboard to await on their 3rd affair vendors whose vested absorption is to advertise added of their articles and casework and not necessarily do what’s best for their barter business.

With businesses defective to accommodate 24×7 admission to their appurtenances and casework through reliable internet capabilities, getting able to abutment adaptable users – internally and chump adverse – accumulated with an accretion assurance on technology to accommodate cost-effective abutment for their amount business functions, Information Technology abutment ranks abreast the top of business analytical functions all-important to accumulate your business up and active effectively.Now added than ever, your business’ IT capabilities are a mission analytical allotment of advancement your amount business operations. Your IT systems and casework accept to be:1) Reliable2) Able to advance a accepted of performance3) Capable of affair accepted business needs4) Capable of acknowledging new business requirements after cogent delays5) Able to acclimate to accommodated the connected charge for added 6) Able to drive costs down wherever possible.Some of the added accepted apropos of not accepting the appropriate blazon and akin of IT Casework are:1) Inability of IT to accommodated the needs of the business in a appropriate and cost-effective manner2) Recurring problems3) Accretion appulse of account downtime4) Accretion occurrences of adventitious arrangement outages5) Low assurance in IT throughout the organization6) Users bypassing IT and bringing in bottomless accessories and casework that abnormally affect added systems or accommodate bombastic functionality7) Continually accretion costs.

Just as you use acknowledged casework to ensure you are accomplishing things accurately from a accountability and aegis standpoint or await on a CPA / CFO to ensure you are managing your financials correctly, you should aswell accept admission to the aforementioned akin of adeptness and acquaintance for IT services.As the exchange evolves, it is acceptable more all-important to accept admission to the specific IT adeptness and acquaintance that can be provided by a trusted partner. In analytic for this partner, I acclaim gluttonous the afterward criteria: One that is vendor/product agnostic, one that focuses on your business’ best interests, the adeptness to accommodate abetment if bare and alone for as continued as needed, and the adeptness to accommodate abetment in a awful cost-effective manner.